EYFS幼儿园|在Twins Day遇见不一样的 “双胞胎”


Highly compatible good friends, an exact copy of you out in the world – have you ever fantasized that one day your best friend can become your “twin”? What happens when this fantasy comes to life?

今天在厦门华锐莱普顿幼儿园里,出现了许多双胞胎!还有三胞胎!Today in Chiway Repton Kindergarten Xiamen, there were many twins! And triplets! 让我们一同进入Twins的世界吧!Let’s enter the world of our Twins and Triplets together.

时装秀 Fashion Show


Follow our world through a lens – look at the unique fashion show which was held on the rainbow runway of our kindergarten.


The children wore the same costumes and walked the runway with confident steps.

厦门华锐莱普顿幼儿园的Twins Day活动,可不仅仅是穿的一样这么简单哦。你看!他们的小手都用纸手环连接在一起了,如果不想让自己的纸手环破掉,光有合作可是不够的呢!还要和自己的Twins相互信任,共同保护好手环。
The twins day of Chiway Repton Kindergarten
Xiamen was not just as simple as wearing the same clothes. Look! The twins’ wrists were connected with paper bracelets; if they wanted to prevent the bracelets from breaking, cooperation was not enough, they also needed trust each other in order to protect their bracelets.

Twins Day这天,我们会碰到什么有趣的事情呢?会有什么挑战等着我们呢?What interesting things happened on Twins Day? What challenges awaited us?


游戏时间 Game Time


Move your body, open your mind, use your imagination! Guess what we were doing here? It’s time for the children’s games and activities. Each class prepared exciting games and activities. Let’s take a look at what the “Twins” were doing!



Trick or treat 游园

“Trick or treat!”


The lovely voices of children reverberated throughout Chiway Repton Kindergarten Xiamen


Our “twins”, with their little bags, went to the different classrooms, asking for candy!

今天的Twins Day真的是太精彩了!

Our Twins Day was wonderful!


On this day, the children of Chiway Repton Kindergarten Xiamen experienced how it would be to be a Twin. However, regardless of whether we are twins or not, in life, we should always help each other, cooperate with each other, and love each other!