EYFS幼儿园 | Pet Day宠物分享日——小家伙们的友谊互动大集结


Today was Pet Day at CRS Xiamen, full of fun and interaction. We played with and learned about lovely animals to deepen our understanding of animal protection. Let’s see what happened in our kindergarten today.


In the morning, the kids from K3 came across a bunch of lovely pets, such as puppies, kittens, little turtles,and goldfish. Kids touched their soft fur, fed them with treats and played with the dog. This kind of interaction increases their interest in pets and raises their awareness of animal protection.

中班和小班的孩子向朋友们分享了自己了解的一些关于宠物的基本知识,如宠物需要定期洗澡、打疫苗等。孩子们认真倾听,有问必答,展现出了对动物的浓厚兴趣和热爱。另外,也有的孩子带来了自己家养的宠物照片、饲养记录和宠物日记,并在萌宠研究展中向大家介绍。孩子们通过展览分享自己与宠物的故事,增进了彼此间的了解和友谊。Kids from K2 and K1 shared basic knowledge about pets with each other, for example, how do pets take a bath and get vaccinated. The kids listened carefully and answered every question they were asked, and they showed great interest and love in animals. Some of them brought photos and videos of their own pets and introduced them to everyone. These activities improve the closeness of the friendships amongst the children.

随后,老师们带着孩子们一起讨论了宠物的感受,我们应该如何照顾它们,并且进行了有关动物保护的互动知识抢答。小朋友们积极踊跃地发表自己的所知所闻:如何给宠物提供良好的生活环境,如何尊重和保护动物以及小动物们带给了我们什么……通过这样的Show and Tell,孩子们逐渐明白了人类对动物的责任,也更知道了如何与宠物和谐相处。

Later, teachers discussed with the children how pets feel and how we should take care of them. There was a quiz on animal protection and kids actively expressed what they knew about pets, like how to provide a good living environment for pets, how to respect and protect animals, and what pets can give us in return. Through this Show and Tell, the children gained a better understanding of our responsibility for animals, and they learned more about how to get along with animals.

最后,孩子们完成了一场有趣的宠物艺术创作活动。瞧,他们用彩色纸、扭扭棒、雪糕棒等材料制作了自己心目中的宠物形象,展示了他们的创造力和想象力,一边创作的过程中一边还模仿各种动物的发声和动作,逗得全场笑声不断。We finished our Pet day with the children creating an art project about pets. They used colored paper, ice cream sticks and other materials to create their own pet pictures, showing their creativity and imagination. They also imitated sounds and movements of different animals, making everybody laugh!

看看我们萌萌的Pre-K小宝贝们带来的他们和宠物一起玩耍的美好时光:学着给宠物喂食、梳理宠物的毛发、外出散步的合影、与宠物一起休息的放松时刻……Here are our Pre-K babies playing with their pets. They learned how to feed a pet, how to groom a pet’s fur, how to walk a pet and enjoyed relaxing with pets. What wonderful moments!

宠物日是一个寓教于乐的特别日子,也感谢家长们的支持和参与,通过与宠物的互动和一系列活动,孩子们不仅学到了如何关心和保护动物,也获得了愉快和有意义的经验。我们相信,通过今天的宠物日活动,孩子们的爱心和责任心会在未来的日子里继续成长。如果你也喜欢宠物并且关心动物保护,请在评论中分享你与宠物的故事吧Pet Day is a special day that combines education and fun. We want to thank parents for their support and participation. Through interesting activities, the children not only learn how to care for and protect animals, but also gain joyful and meaningful experience. We believe that their love and sense of responsibility will continue to grow in the future. If you also love pets and care about animal protection, please share your pet stories in the comments.