We are thrilled to share with you the success of the 2nd Annual Chiway Bilingual School Xiamen Speech Day Competition, where our students not only showcased their outstanding public speaking skills but also demonstrated creativity in conveying their messages.


Public speaking is a valuable skill that goes beyond the competition stage. Engaging in public speaking enhances language skills, allowing students to articulate their thoughts clearly and persuasively. Moreover, the process of preparing and delivering speeches boosts confidence, empowering students to express themselves with conviction. We are so proud of all the participants who engaged in this process, and we hope that they took something valuable away with them from this experience.



The competition unfolded across three dynamic rounds, each designed to assess the participants’ proficiency in public speaking, covering aspects such as speech content, structural coherence, body language, delivery, and pronunciation.


In the initial round, students impressed us with their insightful video submissions which ranged broadly in their content showing the diverse interests and individuality of our students. In total we received over 50 brilliant video submissions.


Moving forward, Round 2 featured in-person auditions, providing a live setting for teachers to delve deeper into each participant’s presentation skills. This crucial step allowed for the meticulous selection of finalists who demonstrated exceptional aptitude in expressing themselves effectively before an audience.

团由杨玉丽校长、PYP协调员祁伟老师以及Ben Hall英语老师组成,他们基于学生在现场表现,评选出了本次演讲比赛的获胜者。

The grand finale unfolded with two contenders from each grade delivering riveting speeches within the school theatre. Our esteemed panel of judges, including Principal Yolanda, PYP Coordinator Mr. Qiwei, and English Teacher Mr. Ben Hall, faced the challenging task of selecting winners based on the students’ outstanding performances in the art of public speaking.


Congratulations to our Winning Participants!


We extend heartfelt gratitude to all parents for their unwavering support and encouragement throughout this enriching competition, which has played a pivotal role in nurturing the confidence and public speaking skills of our students.


Finally, well done to all participating students who helped make 2nd Annual Chiway Bilingual School Xiamen Speech Day Competition a memorable event. We look forward to next year’s competition and can’t wait to see what students will talk about next year!