Middle School

Learning through inquiry, practicing through service, growing through reflection

Middle school students are facing more academic pressure, how to help them overcome?
Unique inquiry-based learning to maintain children’s long-term impetus and interests in studying.
English has become more and more important under globalization context, How to help students master English?
Cambridge English System to improve students’ English level in four aspects: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
With the increase of school task, how can students balance the school work and extra activities?
Innovative sports and service activities to improve children’s comprehensive quality.
How to select between core and extensive courses?
Growth mentors guide children in career exploration and academic planning.
How to keep physical and mental health during the rapid growth stage of children?
Life tutors focus on children’s ability of daily life and behavior, social and emotional development.

Our advantages

Integration of CNC and the International Education

The essential elements of Chinese and International Education

Middle Years Programme

  • 1IDU
  • 2Individuals and Societies
  • 3Science
  • 4Mathematics
  • 5Language and Literature/Language Acquisition
  • 6Physical and Health Education
  • 7Arts, Design
  • 8Community Project

Chinese National Middle School Curriculum

  • 1Local and school-based Curriculum
  • 2Moral Eduction, History and Geography
  • 3Biology, Physics, Chemistry
  • 4Mathematics
  • 5Chinese/English
  • 6Physical and Health Education
  • 7Music, Art, IT
  • 8Experiential Learning Activities

English Learning

English as a second language

Chinese and foreign teachers have jointly carried out a variety of extracurricular activities, including innovative activities, sports activities and services activities. For example, STEM, robots, exploration experiments, bands, chorus, dance, drama, etc.; abundant ball games, swimming, rock climbing, camping, hiking and so on; as well as environmental protection, education and other global volunteer projects, community service and other activities.

Service and Action

Independent activities

Collaborative activities

Sports activities



Meaningful projects

Featured/Special Activities

Performing Arts, Adventure, Global Perspectives and Career Planning & Development