Our school

A “future-oriented” campus

Jacques Maritain, a French philosopher and educator, once said ‘Education is the shaping of man’. Man is shaped by the environment as well, and in order to provide a better learning space, we included natural elements in our campus design.

A school building is not only the physical structure of a school, but also the spiritual embodiment. It reflects the values and aims of the school.

Interest is the best teacher. Chiway Repton School Xiamen aims to create an appealing space with specially-designed facilities and an aesthetically-pleasing atmosphere so that children are happy to take the initiative to explore and discover.

Adhering to the school mission of “Chinese Origins, Global Originality, Historical Virtues, Future Competence”, the school aims to provide personalized, open, diversified and intelligent educational spaces, so that children can actively pursue their learning according to their own interests.

Photos of Facilities

Running on the truck of each barrier, there are always some friends to accompany us to grow up together
Who's not a slam dunker?
Swimming Pool
It always feels like in the spring in a heated swimming pool at 26 degrees Celsius.
Sinology Classroom
You are the "most confident Chinese" even when you go out of the country.
Either at the library or on the way to the library, The library is the beating heart of a school
Shall we grow up together?
One who is unwilling to pay attention to details cannot be successful.
Maker Room
How many Chiway Repton students will be inspired in our amazing Apple Computer Labs?
People who eat well are more worthy of an intimate friendship. Right now, you just need to eat well and feel the power of food.