High School

Find your own path and move forward to meet future challenges.

Students will be well prepared for success at top tier universities world-wide.

What courses to give full play to children’s talents and strengths?
A LEVEL, AP, DP, BTEC programs to match different educational needs
How to reach university requirements of English ahead of time and gain an advantage of application?
ESL, IELTS, TOFEL and other universities required English courses joint taught by both Chinese and international teachers.
What activities to participate in to show abilities and talents?
Future major combined with personal interest, long-term persistence, enthusiasm and ability
How to choose the right programme, activities, universities and major?
Academic Tutoring, University Guidance, Personalized Academic Planning and Study Abroad Programme
How to prepare for living independently abroad?
Life tutors guide students in time management, social, emotional, sports and health, life skills, etc.

Our advantages

Respect the educational needs of each child

Programs for the next three years

Customized planning

  • 1 Engineering Technology Aeronautical Engineering, Architecture, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Environmental Engineering
  • 2 Natural Sciences Astronomy, Earth and Ocean Sciences, Mathematics, Metallurgy, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Physics, Geography
  • 3 Life Sciences and Medicine Agriculture, Anthropology, Biology, Medicine, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Psychology, Nursing, Veterinary Science, Zoology, Biomedical Engineering, Dentistry
  • 4 Social Sciences Political Science, Accountancy, Anthropology, Business, Economics, Education, Finance, Journalism, Law, Leisure and Tourism, Media and Communication, Sociology, Sports Science, Statistics, Hotel industry
  • 5 Art and Humanities Art, Fashion, Geography, Linguistics, Philosophy, Modern Language, English and Literature, History, Performing Arts, Archaeology, Theology and Religion, Classics and Ancient History, Photography, Film
  • 6 Business and Management Accounting, Business, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, Hotel Management

Each child is unique

CNC High School

Provide small class-size high school courses, tutoring courses of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Entrance Examination, Arts Exam training courses etc.

Special Extension Courses

Improve Competitiveness, Outdoor Adventure, School Visit, University Guidance