Kind ingenuity

An international faculty leadership team

The caring Academic Leadership Team of Chiway Repton School Xiamen has rich experience in international education leadership.

Simon Zhou
General Principal
Simon Zhou General Principal
  • MA from Southwest University
  • 25 years of international teaching and leadership experience
  • Former Principal of KL International School of Chongqing Bashu
  • Senior Teacher (High School), Expert Teacher of Chongqing
  • Lecturer of National Teachers’ Training Program of NAEA China
Yan Xiao
Executive Principal
Yan Xiao Executive Principal
  • Master of Education Management
  • International professional qualification for school leadership of UCL
  • 26 years of school education experience
  • 18 years of education management experience in international school
  • Expert of international curriculum such as A-level, DP, BTEC and AP
Jeffrey Reed
International Principal
Jeffrey Reed International Principal
  • Master of International Education, US
  • 13 years of experience in Chinese bilingual and internatonal schools
  • Harvard Certificate in School Management and Leadership
  • Worked in Shanghai YK Pao School, Founding vice principal of HD School Ningbo and Nanwai King’s College School Wuxi
Geng Hong
Principal of National High School
Geng Hong Principal of National High School
  • Senior Teacher of High School
  • Core Teacher of Xiamen City
  • Vice Principal of Renowned Local Public High School
  • 35 Years School Operation Experience
  • Lecturer of the Lujiang Forum
  • Vice President of the Xiamen Chemistry Education Association
Yolanda Yang
Primary Principal
Yolanda Yang Primary Principal
  • M.A. Leadership from Framingham State University
  • MBA from Yun Nan Normal University
  • 15 years of international teaching and leadership experience
  • Expert of childhood mental health development and family education
  • Proficient in Chinese and International integrated curriculum system
Wang Ruifen
Chinese Principal of Early Years
Wang Ruifen Chinese Principal of Early Years

-17 years of teaching and leadership management experience in education including Kindergarten Director
-Proficient in EYFS, IBPYP
-Certificate in Gordon Training —International Parent Effectiveness Training
-Certified Montessori Teacher

Anthony Huber
International Principal of Early Years
Anthony Huber International Principal of Early Years
  • Early Childhood Education, Central Washington University
  • 9 years Working Experience in International Education
  • IB PYP Coordinator
  • Awarded as Best Manager of the Year and Excellent Teacher of the Year
  • Leader or Manager of Top International Kindergartens in Wuhan and Hangzhou


To deliver a high level of quality education in the classroom, Chiway Repton hires only experienced, well-qualified teachers who are professionals in their field.

Teachers are expected to have an international perspective and an advanced understanding of education, as well as being knowledgeable and caring about students. We select the best teachers and guarantee a high standard of teaching quality in order to provide the school with the latest teaching ideas and practices to maximize the potential of our students. In addition to the experienced senior teachers, the school's core teaching team also has other talents: STEM experts, professional painters, piano masters, football coaches as well as IELTS examiners, Olympic math coaches, IB &, A-Level experts etc.