Our School

Chiway Repton School Xiamen

Chiway Repton School Xiamen, known as CRS, was co-founded by the Chiway Education Group, Hongxin Business Incubator Group, Anta Investment and XTEP Investment. It is a high-end international K12 school coestablished with the famous English school, Repton School, which has a history of nearly 500 years, including Chiway Repton Kindergarten Xiamen, Chiway Bilingual School Xiamen and Chiway Repton High School. Adhering to the school mission of “Chinese Origins, Global Originality, Historical Virtues, Future Competence”, the school is committed to cultivating future leaders with deep Chinese cultural roots and national pride, international vision and intercultural understanding.

Mission:   Chinese Origins, Global Originality, Historical Virtues, Future Competence

Vision:   We aspire to be a model of K-12 integrated Chinese and International Education

Aims:   With Chinese origins and global vision, we develop the whole child to be a life-long learner and future leader.

The school is located in the wonderful Maluan Bay, Xiamen Jimei District. With an investment of 700 million RMB, it is a state-of-the-art campus with first class equipment located in a beautiful environment.

School Background

Repton School

Established in 1557, Repton School has a proud history of nearly 500 years. Located in the beautiful area of Derbyshire, the United Kingdom, Repton educates 1100 Students aged 3 to 18. Repton helps students to get into top universities in US and UK with its rigorous and challenging curriculum. The Repton International family of schools is rapidly expanding, bringing premium education to cities spanning Europe, Middle East, Asia and the Far East.

Development History

  • 1557 Established
  • 1621 Awarded the Royal Charter
  • 1886 One of the 26 public schools listed in the Almanac of Public Schools
  • 1957 Visited by Queen Elizabeth
  • 2007 Repton School Dubai opened
  • 2013 Visited by HRH The Duke of Kent
  • 2019-2020 Repton was rated as a five-star school by the most authoritative School Guide in the UK

Chiway Education Group

Chiway Education Group was founded in 1996, and its basic education has two brands, “Wharton” and “Chiway”. It has won honorary titles such as “Comprehensive Influence Benchmarking Education Group” and “Most Brand-renowned Education Institution”. After more than 20 years of hard work, Chiway Education Group has developed into a school-running institution with high-end educational resources and advanced management platforms. There are currently 4 basic education schools: Overseas Chinese Academy of Chiway Suzhou, Taicang Wharton Foreign Language School, Xuzhou Wharton School and Chiway Repton School Xiamen, with nearly 10,000 students, Chiway Education Group is in a leading position in China in terms of scale and strength.